Zürich for Newcomers

To orient oneself and settle into a new country today can be tricky. Our practical guidebook Zürich for Newcomers helps newcomers to a smooth start in their new environment so they quickly feel comfortable in Zürich.

Zürich for Newcomers gives concrete answers to common questions newcomers have: Where do I have to register upon my arrival? What insurance policies do I need? Where are the international schools? How do I find an apartment? Is my diver’s licence valid in Switzerland? What tax system does Zürich have? How do I find a babysitter? Are there English speaking doctors? Who do I turn to in an emergency? How do I dispose of and recycle my trash?

Zürich for Newcomers gives you an overview – short, concise and in English. Besides answers to essential questions, the guidebook also gives many tips for restaurants, cafés, museums, shopping, sports and much more.

Zürich for Newcomers written by Barbara Milne, was released in its completely revised 4th edition in January 2011.

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